'An Island Just For Us' by Barbara Hattemer

'An Island Just For Us' by Barbara Hattemer

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An Island Just for Us by Barbara Hattemer

A book to help families understand and start talking about the harms of pornography. 

In the form of an easy to read fictional romance and adventure story of two families vacationing on Maine’s beautiful coastal islands.

Instructs parents, grandparents and teens about the harms of consuming porn:

            How fast young people become addicted to it

            The consequences of consuming it

The findings of social science research about how it affects male-female relationships

Warns parents, grandparents and teens to take immediate action to stop children from reading porn magazines, watching videos and indulging in Internet porn.


Readers Comments: 

It’s a breath of fresh air, grace and redemption. I recommend it highly. It will capture your heart, entertain you, and help to transform you and those you love.                                            --Ted Baehr, Publisher Movieguide

I learned so much about the subject I never knew.

Greatly increased our awareness of how endemic this evil is in our culture and how dangerous it is to our children. An excellent tool for Youth Pastors.

This book will touch the heart and the conscience of any age or sex. The plot is intriguing, the characters are believable and the setting is charming.